VHonk Digital Media and Marketing: A Story That Made A Difference

VHonk Digital Media and Marketing: A Story That Made A Difference

At the outset, we are extremely thrilled and humbled to celebrate our fifth anniversary in this vivacious and competitive industry. The last five years have all been about intermittent growth hurdles, learning strides, start-up challenges, growing recognitions, resource management hiccups, breaching milestones and many more mixed experiences which made us what we are as a team, bigger, better and bolder, earning us immense goodwill and trust amongst clients and stakeholders. Today, we take pride in having been able to serve over 150+ clients including the likes of Trujet Airlines, Kanchi Varamahalakshmi Silks, Sustain Kart, VVC Group of Companies, Sudhakar Wires & Cables and many many more.

The start of our story was with  a single desk and is the brainchild of our founder Ms. Seshanka Binesh. She fuelled this company with her illustrious experience in the media and digital marketing space and truly set the pendulum of creativity oscillating for it to bloom to this stage.  Our CEO, Mr. Binesh Gaddam, brings in robust marketing expertise and a creative propensity that has helped us further explore into this budding marketing arena. Our Business Development Head, Mr. Abhinav Manepalli, whose business intellect and market understanding, contributed to our revered clientele. These three pillars and backbones of VHonk together have made the agency flourish in the Digital Marketing Business in Hyderabad. 

The idea behind starting Vhonk was the founders’ vision to explore the untapped potential of the digital marketing space. Their individual experiences and knowledge led them to generate strategies that could enable businesses to operate effectively on social media. It is their passion for marketing, their business understanding and their strong vision that has led them to start and has led VHonk to reach this significant milestone.

The second half of the last decade garnered us some valuable projects and recognitions. To name a few, our first event was an Ilayaraja live Concert as a digital marketing partner, followed by Freedom Oil 10k run in Hyderabad. Next, our CEO was invited as a guest speaker at IIIT, Hyderabad to throw some light on ‘Digital Marketing for Startups’, followed by recognition by Silicon India and Business Connect in 2019 and recently BIG FM invited our heads as panelists to speak on the ‘Importance of Digital Marketing in this era’. We are happy to receive all of these recognitions and more. 

When we started, we had just about ten clients to provide digital marketing services. It was a great challenge, to create credibility and space in this market. Hence, we had to build VHonk brick by brick from scratch.  Right from starting this business to building a budding team, resource strengthening and maintaining a strong customer base. All of it needed a great deal of devoted hard work, planning, execution and management. It was definitely the founders’ vision, their good will coupled with team effort which gave us significant results. Today, we are a team of young minds with maximum passion and zeal to work on content and creativity and we also focus aggressively on paid marketing.

Over the years there has been an increase in the scope of work we have undertaken as well. At the inception of VHonk we had just started with content creation and management. However, with increasing market and client needs we have expanded our scope of work to effective content generation, management and campaign creation, enabling paid promotions, metrics measurement and analytical evaluation, full-fledged SEO and SEM, website creation and product/service photography. We understand the power of affiliate marketing and have started heavily providing services on Influencer marketing as well. 

Influencer marketing has changed the way businesses operate. The power of such marketing can bring in drastic changes in consumer perceptions and business. VHonk takes pride in being the third in ranking in terms of performance and garnering results for influencer marketing in Hyderabad.

Talking about our client base, we have been able to cater to a vast range of clients belonging to different industries ranging from Food and Beverages, Medical and Allied Industries, Airlines, Photography, Education and many more. Our client list includes Trujet Airlines, Kanchi Varamahalakshmi Silks, Sustain Kart, Sudhakar Pipes, VVC Group to name a few. As a recognition of our expertise of the business, we have also handled celebrity accounts of well-known names in the industry, this would include Samantha Akkineni, Kajal Aggarwal, Rashi Khanna, Niharika Konidela and many more

We have also had meaningful brand collaborations with Myntra, Mobile Premier League, Parachute, Colagate, One +, Audi, Star Sports and Novotel. 

Here’s a glance of our client growth over the last five years.

The world has been hit by the Coronavirus Pandemic which has taken the entire world by shock and just like every business was impacted, we were impacted too. The pandemic brought with it peculiar challenges. Our clients were unprepared for these unprecedented times and so were we. However, we realised that we had a very serious responsibility being the marketing managers of our clients. The first wave shook the nation, we survived through it. For the second wave we were prepared. The pandemic also made us realise the power of online marketing as more and more brands started depending on digital marketing for their products and services. We devised new strategies to cater to the needs of these brands in these unprecedented times. Our team also doubled up through the pandemic. Here we are in the midst of all of this doing the best we can. 

That is the spirit of VHonk Digital Media and Marketing, to take every situation on its stride and bring out positive results.  Seth Godi, an American Author, once said that “Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.”  Here we are telling your stories out to the world and to break every glass ceiling to redefine and reinvent digital marketing, because we know that for us sky's the limit.

We would also like to express immense gratitude to every person who has served the organisation in different capacities and our clients who made us what we are.

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